Full title: 
Smart audio processing for interactive multimedia
Project date: 
1 August, 2010 - 31 July, 2012

The aim of this project whic runs in close collaboration with SampleSumo, is to develop novel music signal processing methods that can be embedded in innovative solutions for music production and game development. One of our aims is to extract sound properties and to recognize predefined sounds so as to facilitate the introduction of sounds as an active component in games. Furthermore we will automatically extract musical content with the aim of creating new types of music  visualization (e.g. in  VJ software). By developing a new real-time tempo tracking algorithm we hope to create the basis of a score following system that will let the computer follow the performing musician, rather than vice versa. Finally, we will investigate new concatenative sound synthesis methods that can facilitate the development of music production systems that can create new and manipulate existing sounds in an innovative and user-friendly way.