Full title: 
Automatic Speech analysis during Speech Therapy in Oncology
Project date: 
1 September, 2013 - 31 August, 2016

Every year there are more than 4000 new cases in Belgium and the Netherlands of cancer in the head and neck area. Thanks to new treatments the chance of surviving has strongly increased. However, these patients often experience difficulties during eating, drinking and communicating. The communication problems can partly be alleviated by adapted speech therapy which is supported by regular evaluations of the attained speech quality. Recent  research in our group has demonstrated that digital speech processing can offer a cheap and reliable solution here. Automatic speech analysis is objective and quick and it may be more reliable than the tedious perceptual evaluation one has to conduct now to get the necessary evaluations.

The ASISTO project aims at developing new and improving already existing speech analysis tools for speech quality assessment and to integrate these tools into a prototype of a computerized and evidence based speech therapy tool which also accommodates practicing@home by the patient. Watch the video for an impression.